Food Pyramid vs MyPlate

MyPlate, the new USDA standard since June 2011

The little known “MyPlate” was introduced by the USDA half way through 2011. Personally my favorite was the Basic 4 Food Groups that came out before I was born in 1956 and with a couple minor changes in name and concepts from 1979 to 1992 was the standard we used when eating for 36 years. The Basic 4 Food Groups were simple and easy and seemed to work just fine.  However, in 1992 there was a whole new way of eating and all previous plans were condemned and were replaced by the Food Guide Pyramid, more notably called “the Pyramid.” There was also a little revamping that did not get a lot of recognition back in 2005 called “MyPyramid.”

 At 51 the Basic 4 Food Groups is still my preference Continue reading