The Scale!


My Scale IS My Best Friend

This morning I woke up and I was at my “Whoa” weight…a first in at least 6 months. I don’t say this to brag, but to tell you that my scale is really my best friend.

  • She tells me when I am doing good
  • She tells me when I am in danger
  • And like a real best friend–she only tells me when I ASK!!You Have Lost the Weight!

If you haven’t finished my recent book TimerDiet, then you may be asking what the “Whoa” weight is. In Chapter 9—Now That You Have Lost the Weight, I discuss how to maintain your weight in great detail so that you do not end up gaining the weight back. I found that when I had lost weight in the past (not weighing myself daily) there was usually a time where I was a size smaller than I had planned. I would stay there for a few weeks and then go back up even more than where I wanted to be. So I discuss how to avoid this in Chapter 9.

I hear so many times all the downfalls of my “best friend” the scale:

  • There could be other things happening that affect your weight like muscle mass
    • So she may not have the whole picture
  • You will go crazy if you check your weight every day since it fluctuates
    • So she may constantly give you feedback that you cannot handle
  • Once a week is more than enough to weigh yourself
    • So much could happen is a week, that she wasn’t able to warn you about
  • You missed some days where she wanted to tell you—You did a great job!!
  • You should just know by the way your clothes fit
  • You shouldn’t need to ask your best friend since you are all knowing

To all these objections I say, “Hogwash!” It is just her reflection of the situation, she is unbiased, and she has nothing to gain by giving you inaccurate information. It only takes 15 seconds every morning after you have woken up and emptied your bladder. And just like a best friend, you don’t have to agree with her!!

Sherri Sue Fisher,

Author of TimerDiet and TimerOrganizer