Beware of the Freebies!

Tax Day Freebies

Every year during tax time there are freebies abundant on April 15th. While this may seem fun, it can also add weight to your waistline for sure. Remember just because something is free does not mean it will not have an impact on your waistline. I did find one freebie on April 15ththat is quite useful—Office depot is offering to shred up to 5 pounds of tax records through April 29th with the use of this coupon.

Free Foods to Taste at the Grocery Store

We have all seen them, especially on the weekends! You walk into your favorite grocery store or club store and they want you to try this and try that (some is alcohol, too!) Part of you is curious and the other doesn’t want the person to feel bad by saying, “No.” But, remember you must think about your goals and what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps what they are offering is something that would be good for you at the time if you are a little hungry and it is well-balanced. Each instance is different, but whatever you do don’t eat something out of guilt that you will make someone feel bad for saying no, nor because you just want something for free!

The Buy One Get One Free

This gets me so upset when I see it in the grocery stores. It is not a sale price of an item, it is “forcing” you to take more than what you want or need to feel like you got a deal. Then you end up letting the extra go to waste or eat more than you should because you don’t want it to go to waste. This is especially true with produce items, when you end up with so much “free” produce that is just goes to waste. My solution is to check with your neighbors and see if they want it or even give to someone in need as soon as you leave the store. I have actually, only taken the one item since I knew I would just waste the second free one.


So during this tax day on April 15th as the freebies abound and all throughout the year think about what you really want and need and not so much about whether it is free.
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