So it is still the New Year and many experts are saying “WAKE UP EARLIER” as a way to meet all your goals. But…


When it comes to losing weight making sure that you get a good night’s sleep (anywhere Your dreams can come true!from 7-9 hours) is so important to making sure you are ready for the day. Making good food choices, finding the energy to work-out every day, and allowing your body to get the much needed rest for premium weight loss starts with a good night’s sleep. So waking up earlier without going to sleep earlier is going to backfire and not help you in reaching any of your goals! If you are able to go to sleep at 10:00pm and wake up at 6:00am great! But if you can’t get to sleep early enough to get 8 hours of sleep by 6:00am you will need to reassess what time you get up in the morning or when you can get to sleep. Remember that insomnia is not sleeping so if insomnia is a problem you deal with you will want to figure out what the cause is as soon as possible.   Get a good night’s sleep each and every night—it is the number one secret to losing weight!!


Know what to eat before you are hungry!You may wonder how sleep can affect Organization, but it is crucial. When you have a good night’s sleep you make wiser decisions about your time and you don’t waste time on things that do not matter. When it is time to put away the groceries in a manner that makes it easy to cook or find snacks, or when you are deciding which errands to do today and which to do next week, or what projects to work on and for how long—how much sleep you have had the night before makes all the difference.

Some people use lack of sleep as a way to say they are busy and have so much going on, but getting a good night’s sleep helps you not be so busy; instead you will be productive and make wiser decisions and be able to accomplish so much more!


Get a good night's SleepSo you may really be wondering how sleep can affect Savings, but you will understand soon!! Infomercials count on you being a little less than awake to want to buy whatever is being sold after midnight! But what about all the decisions that you make daily…whether to work, not work, take on business opportunities, to do what it takes to make more money…there are so many ways that lack of sleep can adversely affect your ability to make money, keep money, and be responsible with your money!

So whether it comes to your weight loss goals, time management, or financial goals your ability to get a good night’s sleep and make wise decisions is paramount! So wake up earlier if you think it will help, but get to bed earlier too!

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDIET, TimerORGANIZER, and TimerSAVINGS






Eating Late at Night

Is Eating Late at Night a DO or a DON’T?

Sleep is Important
It is neither! If you are hungry and it is late at night then eat, if you aren’t then don’t. It is as simple as that. If your plans call for a late night dinner with friends or a date night out, then eat late. If instead everyone wants to eat early then do that. There is NO secret time to eat. The real secret time, is when you need to eat. Not just want to.

Don’t dietician say to not eat after 6pm, 7pm, or 4 hours before you go to sleep?


There are a lot of people who will tell you not to eat past a certain time, or not to eat too close to your bed time. But, what if your stomach is growling and/or your head is dizzy, then what? Do you just lie in bed hoping that these feelings will go away and you will become tired enough to ignore them? You will probably fall asleep faster if you eat something small that is well-balanced i.e. includes dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Getting to sleep is important not just for weight loss, but so many other health factors. I see no good reason to lie in bed waiting and hoping that the feeling of hunger will dissipate.

When you are hungry your metabolism is slowing down

It doesn’t take a science degree to know that if you are hungry your body knows it needs to conserve energy and it does this by slowing down your metabolism. Your digestion of food increases your metabolism. You can research this and let me know if you have questions.

Don’t go overboard!!

This is not a go for it to the cookies and cakes. Nor is it a reason to overeat right before you go to bed even if you are eating the most well-balanced of meals. Something small and only enough to take the edge off of your hunger. If you have read my book TimerDiet or gone to my website and looked over my rules, you know I recommend cheddar cheese and crackers if you need something to eat late in the evening. This particular combination includes dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. If you have something else that you prefer, try it out and see if you notice any difference in your weight goals and if it helps you get right to sleep. But, most of all don’t feel you need to go to bed hungry because you want to lose weight.
Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet

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