How to Eat When the Choices are Out of Your Control


Last Minute Plans to Go Out vs. Being in Control of the Dining OptionsDinner Out

Especially when we are losing weight we want as much of our choices in dinning to be in our control as possible. But, this is not always the case. There are family gatherings, date nights, business lunch and dinner meetings, and so many other times when we don’t have a lot of say in our menus and/or the timing!

If You Know You Are Going Out vs. When You Don’t

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To Eat or Not to Eat


We All Need To Eat –

But, with whom, what, where, when, and why should we eat?

Sometimes losing weight or maintaining for that matter seems so elusive. How much should I eat? What should I eat? When should I eat? Why should I eat? Where should I eat? and With whom should I eat? (I think I got them all) So let me try to help you with all of these questions and more… Continue reading

Dating while Dieting!

So I was recently asked about dating while dieting and if I had any advice. I actually do!! First of all guys hate it when we are dieting, since most diets mean that you can’t go out to eat except for the most healthiest of places and have a salad, no dressing. And of course you must drink only water and no alcohol. Plus we as women don’t like to see our dates eat and drink whatever they want while we are trying so hard to be “good”.

So forget about all that you have ever thought about dieting and dating and let’s start from scratch.

Let’s assume that you have done everything in Chapters 1 through Chapter 4 of Timer™DIET and you are now ready for Chapter 5—How to Do It! You have a first date and you are nervous since you have no idea where you are going and you want to make a great impression, without losing sight of your weight-loss goals. Do not fret, you will make it through just fine and your date will be none-the-wiser.

1. Eat breakfast just like any other morning. Include something with eggs (if that is your protein and dietary fat of choice)
2. Back into the time that you are going to eat dinner and make sure that you eat about every 2-4 hours throughout the day and a small amount of cheese between 1-1½ hours prior to your dinner time. Remember if you have dinner plans for 7 pm you probably won’t eat until much later.
3. If you are going to have a drink before dinner, be sure to have some food that has dietary fat and protein, like bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp cocktail, or even oysters.
4. Sip water in between your drink. Your best choice for an alcohol drink is a glass of wine or champagne, or sparkling wine. Avoid mixers if you prefer spirits.
5. NEVER tell your date you are losing weight, especially if it is a first date. You don’t need the added pressure on a first date and your weight should not be a topic of discussion. Be confident in your weight as it is right here and now!
6. If you have a salad, avoid the croutons and dried fruit and enjoy the rest of the salad (there is no need to eat the entire salad.) Having cheese and nuts are fine!
7. When choosing an entrée—think leftovers. If you know you will be able to go home with your leftovers after the date then you have a lot of options available to you. But, if not, say you are going to the movies afterward, you may want to order something smaller than an entrée. If you have been dating for a while perhaps sharing something might be an option. The most important thing is to not feel pressured either internally or externally to eat the entire entrée if you have other plans after dinner.
8. What you choose should be simple, either poultry, fish, or beef and either grilled, baked, broiled, blackened or sautéed. Avoid breaded, crusted, and fried.
9. If given the choice of a side, go for the green vegetable without sauce.
10. If the two of you want dessert, feel free to have a few bites.

Have fun and enjoy your date knowing you are being true to yourself and eating well.