Discipline vs Willpower vs Knowledge


936295_326308087495473_1133095928_nDiscipline vs Willpower vs Knowledge

I recently got into a discussion with a friend of mine who is also a doctor and the word discipline was used, or the lack of discipline, to describe why we have an epidemic of obesity on our hands today. Then another person said it was lack of willpower. But I personally think it is lack of knowledge.

Discipline Means…

When one is disciplined then one knows certain rules and agrees to obey those rules and risk punishment for not obeying the rules. Which makes sense that my doctor friend chose this particular word. Doctors have a ton of rules that they must live by or suffer severe consequences. So I get it…

Willpower Implies…

Willpower is control over ones impulses. In the usage during our conversation, the lack of willpower would mean that there is little control over ones actions. I think we have a lot of control over our own actions and we willingly do what we do, when we do it, for whatever reason we may or may not give ourselves.

Knowledge is Key…

My first response during our discussion was, “don’t you think people would rather have steak and asparagus if they knew it would be good for them?” Most of our lives we have been told all the foods we ate back in the day (60s & 70s in my case) are bad for you—butter, cheese, red meat, alcohol (ok not until the late 70s for me), and so much more.

We hear to be sure to go for the low fat or reduced fat foods; as if dietary fat were making us fat? I wish there were more words in the English language so we could distinguish between the excess fat on our bodies with the dietary fat that is needed in our bodies.

TimerDiet is knowledge…

There is so much that we hear, read, and watch on TV about what to do or what not to do that it can become sensory overload and we just give up. But, I promise I can make it a whole lot easier if you just give me a chance. Look over the concepts of TimerDiet and see if it something you can get your head around and if so check it out and give it a try. I think you will see the lifestyle change does not require discipline or willpower, because I give you the knowledge you need to make wise choices for you!

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and recently released TimerOrganizer











100 Days Until Memorial Day

Valentine’s Day is Over

With Valentine’s Day being over, the Olympics are wrapping up in a week, and summer is really just around the corner, how do you want to look on Memorial Day? We are not talking about looking like a Sports Illustrated model; that would be nice, but for most of us not probable—me included!! I personally would love to have a sunny glow; but I know unless it comes from a bottle that is not going to happen. I do know that my body is going to pretty much look like it did last summer and that is not a bad thing. Since I have maintained my weight for several years, my main dread of the summer is the beauty upkeep that comes with having to show off all that skin! Yikes! Continue reading

Food Labels Needing an Update – Really?

Food Labels May Be Undergoing an Update-But Why?

The New Food Labels are possibly going to be revamped; or are they? The main proposed changes are:

  •     Make the calories more prominent.
    • Aren’t they already prominent?! Do you really not notice the calories when you look at the label?
  •     Distinguish between natural sugar and (I guess) non-natural sugars.
    • Isn’t this going to just be a reason to eat foods with sugars in them if they are able to label them as natural? Don’t we just need to stop eating sugars as much as possible? Besides the most natural sugars such as fruits and vegetables that are fresh don’t have a food label.
  •     More realistic serving sizes.
    • Really? Do I even need to comment? OK, I will. This is no reason whatsoever to increase the serving sizes. NONE!!

Are We Reading the Food Labels We Have? Continue reading

The New Year!

I want to take a break from the Holiday’s for a moment and remind you that there are a lot of things to do before you start your weight loss journey…if you are planning on losing weight during the new year you will want to read everything you can so that when the time is right to start your journey you will be ready. Being prepared can make the difference between success and unfortunately another disappointment. So enjoy the Holiday’s now and prepare yourself for the New Year!

Chapter 4 Before you Start, has a lot of detailed information on these subjects that you will want to make sure you have read before you venture into your weight loss journey. Be sure you have thoroughly read Chapters 1 through 4 prior to even thinking about losing weight. It will make a difference!

  • Go through your closet and kitchen
  • Make your menus based on the time needed to prepare
  • Look up your favorite restaurants and pick out your best choices before you go
  • Make your long term and short term goals
  • Decide on your rules
  • Decide how you are going to track your progress
  • Decide how much time you are going to workout each day
  • And last but not least in Chapter 1–The Rules and Other Medical Stuff–GET your physical and your bloodwork taken and in your hands–know where you are starting!!

Remember to enjoy the journey, Sherri Sue Fisher