Halloween Candy!


Halloween Candy!

It is that time of year when all the temptations are around us constantly until the New Year. TimerDiet devotes all of Chapter 7—Holidays and Various Events, just for you!

The Best Defense is a Good Offence!

Halloween Pumpkin

Don’t get spooked by the Halloween Candy!

Here is an excerpt from my book TimerDiet Chapter 7—Holidays and Various Events: “Halloween: Don’t buy candy that you will want to eat yourself. There is usually some kind of candy that is not very tempting to you. For me, these candies are Almond Joy, Hot Tamales, and Gummy Bears—they just don’t do it for me, so I feel very safe buying them. However, do not get me around a bag of Snickers, Reese’s, or M&M’s. I will eat them in a heartbeat! Keep this in mind when you pick up goodies to hand out. No one needs to know that you are not crazy about the candy you hand out. When there are leftovers, you won’t be tempted to eat them, nor will you be tempted to open the bags ahead of time to get a taste.

If you have children and are used to getting into their candy, decide this year, it is hands-off! How much and how often you allow the kids to eat is a personal decision that you will need to make. If you can give some away to a good cause, do so. Some dentists have a program in which you bring in your Halloween candy and they donate it to the troops.”

Get a Head Start on the Holidays!

With all the “eating” holidays coming soon, it is important to have some good information to make sure that you don’t gain weight and if you are in the middle of losing weight to make sure you stay on track!! (It CAN be done xoxo)

Sherri Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet and TimerOrganizer

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