Rising Grocery Prices Creates Need

Rising Grocery Prices

When grocery prices rise not only does it affect our own wallet, it affects those of our neighbors, friends, family, and those who were already struggling either due to illness, unemployment, or just hard-times. When we are asked to give to the local food bank, do we? Do we look into our cupboards and see what more than likely we will never eat or what has been there for a while and may be expiring next month?

Buy Wisely

Grocery prices are rising extremely fast and there appear to be few sales in sight. So when you go to the store be sure you have a purpose for everything that you purchase. When you buy foods that go together and have an intended purpose you will have less waste at the end of the week. When you buy fruit do you know when or how you will eat them? Will you want to add cottage cheese or cheddar? When you buy the meat that is on sale are you making sure that you can eat it before it spoils and freeze what you can’t? There are so many ways we can buy wisely…

Make Your Menus

Know what days you will be at home and which days you will not. Buying food for an entire week and then only eating at home for ½ of it will waste money, unless you can freeze everything you didn’t eat and then remember to use it later. Be sure to know how many lunches you need to prepare and how many snacks. Your menus can be very basic: meat, two vegetables, salad and bread and butter. The details can be ironed out at the store when you see the sales.

Give What You Can

If you have canned or boxed foods that you have not eaten recently or thought you might want at the time and now wonder why, consider giving them to those in need. Saturday May 10th is the United States Postal Service food drive for non-perishable foods. So go through your cupboards see what you can give and buy wisely from now on.

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