4th of July Barbeque



4th of July Barbeque

Barbeques are as much about the 4th of July as are the fireworks! And why not? A barbeque is a great way to feed a lot of people in a short amount of time and have fun while you do it! More than likely whatever is on the barbeque whether it is hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, or fish is NOT going to get you off track if you are losing or maintaining your weight…it is the other foods at the barbeque!

If You Are in Charge of the Barbeque

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How to Eat When the Choices are Out of Your Control

Last Minute Plans to Go Out vs. Being in Control of the Dining Options

Especially when we are losing weight we want as much of our choices in dinning to be in our control as possible. But, this is not always the case. There are family gatherings, date nights, business lunch and dinner meetings, and so many other times when we don’t have a lot of say in our menus and/or the timing!

If You Know You Are Going Out vs. When You Don’t


Knowing ahead of time that there is a designated meal time is of great help when deciding how to plan the meals prior to and afterwards. If you are going to dinner at 7:00PM then be sure that you have taken into account whether you anticipate a wait time to be seated, whether there will be a business meeting prior to ordering, or possibly cocktails. I normally would have something like a small piece of cheese about one hour prior to the dining arrival time. This allows me to be sure that I am not famished when the food arrives or that I don’t eat the entire bread basket if that is all there is for the first half-hour. Sometimes the decision to go out is very last minute! You may be tempted to say no thanks, but don’t!! Your losing weight should not mean the end of your impromptu socialization. Just decide how much you really need to eat, keep it lean if you ate recently and embrace leftovers!

If You Don’t Know the Restaurant vs. When You Do


If we know the restaurant we probably have already scoped out the best options for us and have an idea what to order that will keep us on track. But, what if we have no idea where we are going until we get there? More than likely there is something that will work. Look for words like seared, broiled, and grilled, and avoid words like breaded, crusted, and fried. If you aren’t sure how something is prepared based on the description, ask the waiter and let them know you are interested in something with minimal sauces and preparation.

Appetizer vs. No Appetizer


It depends on how long it will be before you are going to have dinner and also what appetizer choices you have available to you. If your choices are fried mozzarella sticks or chili fries I would skip the appetizer and go straight for a salad to start you off. But, if you are going to be talking a bit before ordering dinner then my favorite appetizer is some sort of fish, beef, or chicken, with minimal preparedness.

Dessert vs. No Dessert

This is tricky in that if you are out to celebrate an anniversary or birthday of course you are going to want something. Perhaps sharing something is an option. Avoid the whip cream type desserts and stick with the more substantive like ice cream, dense chocolate cake, or crème brulee. But again, share with someone else and eat only what you feel comfortable eating.

Have Fun!! (There is no vs. no fun!!)


Above all, enjoy the time out whatever the occasion is. Your goal is to not overeat! Plain and simple if you avoid overeating that is more than half the battle. Embrace your leftovers and make a plan to eat them the next day. This will allow you to only eat what you truly feel comfortable eating in the moment.

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To Eat or Not to Eat


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Holiday Tips for Evening Dinner Parties

Holiday Tips For
Evening Dinner including Appetizers, Dessert, and Alcohol

• Be sure to eat breakfast with dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates

• Plan out your meals during the day so that you eat a moderate sized meal about two hours prior to the party beginning.

• When drinking alcohol, be sure to eat appetizers that have dietary fat and protein in them. Alternate sipping on water with your alcohol and keep it to two drinks maximum throughout the evening that are simple without mixers; like Champagne or wine. Have sparkling water with a twist of lime, if you would like to avoid the alcohol altogether.

(Also, remember especially when you are in weight loss mode, alcohol may affect you faster than usual, so be prepared to take a cab—have an app already set on your phone so that you can ask for a cab you know and trust in your area using the GPS on your phone, and they will already have your credit card information on file!! Or have a designated driver.)

• Pace yourself through the meal
Have some of the salad without the croutons
Choose an entrée that is high in protein like fish, chicken, steak or lamb. Avoid breaded, crusted, or fried foods for your entrée
Simple vegetables with butter but no sauces
Have some of the dessert if it is something that you truly want

• At the end of the evening before you go to bed, do not hesitate to have a couple of cheese and crackers, it can easily have been 3-4 hours since you last ate.