Say NO to the Reward System


Give yourself gifts oftenSay NO to the Reward System

Say NO to the reward system when losing weight! It is counterproductive and could sabotage your weight loss efforts. We have read or seen weight loss experts that promote rewarding yourself for your weight loss efforts such as the dangling carrot method as a way to lose weight. But, this dangling carrot could cause you to make decisions that you would not otherwise make and to your detriment!

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Beware of the 100 Calorie Snacks


There has been a lot of talk about 100 calorie snacks being the go to amount to look for

100 Calorie Snack!?

100 Calorie Snack!?

when picking out a snack. I use the word snack lightly, since most people think of snack as a cookie, or a candy bar, or if trying to eat healthy perhaps some celery and carrot sticks. But, none of these options are going to give you the nutrients that you need to get you through to the next meal (except perhaps the candy bar if they have a lot of nuts!) and help you in your ability to either sustain or lose weight. But, for now let’s focus on how you feel when you eat certain foods rather than the calories.

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STOP Counting Calories—Please!


Calories Are Deceiving

STOP Counting Calories

STOP Counting Calories

Did you know that one gram of dietary fat is 9 calories, and one gram of protein or carbohydrates are 4 calories each? So when you are given a certain amount of calories it is this calculation that you are getting. So 100 calories could be 11.11 grams of dietary fat and nothing else. Or it could be 25 grams of carbohydrates or 25 grams of protein. More than likely it will be some combination of the above. So if you were deciding what to eat would you pick something that was 100 calories without even knowing what the grams of dietary fat, protein, and carbs are? I hope not, but many people do. They hear—a calorie is a calorie—from so called experts. Not paying any attention to how they will feel if they are getting all of their calories from carbohydrates, how it will affect their organs if all of their calories come from protein, and how little amount of food you will get if all of the calories come from dietary fat.

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Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions Affect Many

While working on the 2nd Edition of the Ebook TimerDIET it became apparent to me that a lot of people have dietary restrictions and while I come from a place of inclusion in my book TimerDIET, I understand the specific needs some people have due to dietary restrictions whether due to allergies, medical recommendations or doctor’s orders or even lifestyle decisions and religious reasons. What I have noticed when there is a dietary restriction is that the focus is on the restriction rather the inclusion.

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