Eggs were the most searched for calories in 2013 according to Google

My guess is that most people were surprised to find out that on average the egg has only 70 calories. As you may or may not know, in my book TimerDiet, I do NOT count calories, however, I do find calories interesting for comparison and contrast. What I find most interesting about the egg is that (Egg·land’s Best®-Large egg) one egg has 4g of dietary fat and 6g of protein and no carbohydrates! That makes the egg an amazing food—to me anyway! Dietary fat is important to include in your daily intake of food. The fact that there are no carbohydrates in an egg means you can add a slice of toast and a small amount of fruit and you will have a well-balanced meal.

Eggs have been beaten up in the past

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100 Days Until Memorial Day

Valentine’s Day is Over

With Valentine’s Day being over, the Olympics are wrapping up in a week, and summer is really just around the corner, how do you want to look on Memorial Day? We are not talking about looking like a Sports Illustrated model; that would be nice, but for most of us not probable—me included!! I personally would love to have a sunny glow; but I know unless it comes from a bottle that is not going to happen. I do know that my body is going to pretty much look like it did last summer and that is not a bad thing. Since I have maintained my weight for several years, my main dread of the summer is the beauty upkeep that comes with having to show off all that skin! Yikes! Continue reading

Breakfast—Think Outside the Box

iStock_000019919631SmallThink Outside the Box—Not Just the Cereal Box

When you think of breakfast you most likely think of cereal, I used to as well. Then I realized I felt so much better when I ate a more balanced breakfast that included dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates. It wasn’t until much later that I actually looked at the labels of the cereal box (with a little more knowledge of what the label meant only to find out that the carbohydrate ratio was completely out of whack with the dietary fat and protein. In fact my favorite cereal had virtually no dietary fat and minimal protein, meaning that I was eating carbs for breakfast!

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