Food Labels Needing an Update – Really?

Food Labels May Be Undergoing an Update-But Why?

The New Food Labels are possibly going to be revamped; or are they? The main proposed changes are:

  •     Make the calories more prominent.
    • Aren’t they already prominent?! Do you really not notice the calories when you look at the label?
  •     Distinguish between natural sugar and (I guess) non-natural sugars.
    • Isn’t this going to just be a reason to eat foods with sugars in them if they are able to label them as natural? Don’t we just need to stop eating sugars as much as possible? Besides the most natural sugars such as fruits and vegetables that are fresh don’t have a food label.
  •     More realistic serving sizes.
    • Really? Do I even need to comment? OK, I will. This is no reason whatsoever to increase the serving sizes. NONE!!

Are We Reading the Food Labels We Have? Continue reading

Food Pyramid vs MyPlate

MyPlate, the new USDA standard since June 2011

The little known “MyPlate” was introduced by the USDA half way through 2011. Personally my favorite was the Basic 4 Food Groups that came out before I was born in 1956 and with a couple minor changes in name and concepts from 1979 to 1992 was the standard we used when eating for 36 years. The Basic 4 Food Groups were simple and easy and seemed to work just fine.  However, in 1992 there was a whole new way of eating and all previous plans were condemned and were replaced by the Food Guide Pyramid, more notably called “the Pyramid.” There was also a little revamping that did not get a lot of recognition back in 2005 called “MyPyramid.”

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To Eat or Not to Eat


We All Need To Eat –

But, with whom, what, where, when, and why should we eat?

Sometimes losing weight or maintaining for that matter seems so elusive. How much should I eat? What should I eat? When should I eat? Why should I eat? Where should I eat? and With whom should I eat? (I think I got them all) So let me try to help you with all of these questions and more… Continue reading

My Scale IS My Best Friend

Why My Scale IS My Best FriendiStock_000001659783XSmall

This morning I woke up and weighed myself (weigh yourself everyday) and was at my “Whoa” weight…a first in at least 6 months. I don’t say this to brag, but to tell you that my scale is really my best friend.

  • She tells me when I am doing good
  • She tells me when I am in danger
  • And like a real best friend–she only tells me when I ASK!!

If you haven’t finished my recent book TimerDiet, then you may be asking what the “Whoa” weight is. In Chapter 9—Now That You Have Lost the Weight, I discuss how to maintain your weight in great detail so that you do not end up gaining the weight back. I found that when I had lost weight in the past (not weighing myself daily) there was usually a time where I was a size smaller than I had planned. I would stay there for a few weeks and then go back up even more than where I wanted to be. So I discuss how to avoid this in Chapter 9. So for me knowing that I am at my “Whoa” weight is very important. Continue reading

Diet Plans with an Accountability Buddy May Backfire!

We hear about having an accountability partner and be accountable to someone else for your diet plan. Is this really working? I can’t imagine asking my best friend to tell me to my face when they think I am screwing up and being “happy” about them telling me. Let’s even go to a worst case scenario. Your friend is also losing weight and by all accounts is being perfect and losing weight faster than you. Now you have your best friend on your case and losing weight faster than you are. Will this motivate you? Or make you give up and say, “I just don’t want to play this game anymore!”?

So try these new rules for being accountable to you and only YOU:
1. Do not tell anyone that you are planning on losing weight
2. Keep a journal of what you ate so you can learn how certain foods affect you
3. Always do things that you love to do
4. Never create a reward system for reaching your weight loss goals
5. Keep a journal of your exercise progress, see how much you are able to increase in time and weight, it is exciting!

Diets and weight loss plans are all over the place right now and it can be a little overwhelming. Just remember that you have the power to lose the weight you want within you! Keep your friends for fun, sad times, and someone to talk with.

Sherri Sue Fisher

Your New Year’s Goals

If you made a New Year’s resolution and have already broken it—forget about it!! Who cares? That was yesterday. Today is a new day and you need to look at your resolution and see what the real goal behind it was. If the real goal was to lose weight and you decided your New Year’s resolution was to not have anything with sugar in it, well of course never having sugar again is not going to happen. Instead you want to make goals for the New Year!! You have almost an entire 12 months to the year left.

Decide exactly what an ideal year would be for you

Let’s say your ideal year is to lose twenty pounds…then what? What are your other goals not related to weight loss? Sometimes too much focus on one particular goal can become overwhelming and create stress. You want to make goals in all aspects of your life that you would like to improve.

Once you make your goals, you need to make the mini-goals to get you there. Take each of your goals and break them down into what you can reasonable achieve in one month, and then what you need to achieve within a week, and last what you would need to do daily to achieve each mini-goal and eventually your main goal.

You may be fearful to make a goal that you are not sure that you can achieve. I get it! Once you break your goal down into mini-goals your inner guidance will let you know whether your original goal is achievable in the time you have given yourself, and if not make adjustments now, to insure success.

Dream Big! And Make a Plan!