Twitter Follow up March 8, 2013

So I mentioned on Twitter that I had gained 2 lbs on Thursday, but was pretty sure of the problem and pretty sure I could fix it by the next morning!!  I did. I weighed in 1.4 lbs less this morning and it didn’t have anything to do with burning 3500 calories plus!!!  I decreased my portion sizes and increased the frequency of my eating…now I am back at my “Comfortable weight” (that is a 3 pound variation of 1 pound below my normal weigh in and 2 pounds above)

So here is what I ate and when (I only ate until the point that I was just satisfied each time)

Woke up around 8am, took a 10 minute walk with my Yorkie

10:20am Ate leftover Steak for breakfast (too busy to make eggs!!)

1:15pm Ate leftover Grouper with Crab topping (as you can see I have leftovers to eat and I was too busy to make anything)

2:00pm Worked out 10 minutes on the Eliptical and another 10 minutes on the Treadmill

3:30pm Ate more of the leftover Steak with green beans

4:30pm Felt stressed from work and needed something-so had some pistachios with chili rub to them

5:15pm Another 10 minute walk with my Yorkie!! Or shall I say pull, he is loving to run lately, and I can hardly keep up!!

6:00pm Leftover Grouper with green beans

8:30pm Peanut Butter on saltine crackers

10:15pm Cheddar Cheese on saltine crackers and sparkling wine

11:00pm Went to sleep!!